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Featuring more than 40 acrobats from Shanghai, China, the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai show offers an amazing entertainment experience for guests of any age. The show combines human strength, control, balance, grace, and charisma with elaborate costumes, lighting and special effects in its impressive performances, such as balancing chair acts, yo-yo tricks, acrobatic acts, and more. Details
68 Reviews
$41.00 $18.75
You Save: $22.25
Featured at Mickey Gilley Grand Shanghai Theatre in Branson, Missouri, Illusionist Rick Thomas – Mansion of Dreams show offers an impressive series of intriguing tricks and elaborate illusions that are sure to awe and amaze any viewer. Rick Thomas is one of the greatest illusionists in the world. Stunning magic, extreme comedy, exquisite dancers, and an inspiring story are woven into one of the most amazing productions ever seen on stage and television today. Illusionist Rick Thomas – Mansion of Dreams is a show the whole family will love! Details
2 Reviews
$39.65 $31.25
You Save: $8.40